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Our conveyancing team is led by a Solicitor with over 40 years experience in dealing with all manner of property purchases and sales whether it involves a domestic dwellinghouse or commercial premises. We are also experienced in small housing and farmhouse developments involving rights of access, wayleaves for pipes and cables, servitudes for septic tanks etc. In the current economic climate we appreciate that clients want value for money and we aim to provide a quality service at competitive prices. Conveyancing fees can start from as little as £350 and we are happy to provide prospective clients with an estimate of their likely costs. We appreciate that it is not always convenient, nor practical, for clients to travel to our office and we are happy therefore to provide home visits or meetings at convenient venues, where required.

If you contact us as soon as you find a property which you are interested in, we will note interest on your behalf with the seller’s Solicitor or Estate Agent. Thereafter we can submit a Formal Offer on your behalf. We will then negotiate with the seller’s Solicitors until all points are agreed, whereupon Missives (the Contract) can be concluded.

If selling your house or other property, we will deal with any Offers received and negotiate with the purchaser’s Solicitors until all matters are agreed and Missives concluded.

When acting on your behalf in a purchase or sale transaction, we will also deal with your Lender. When buying, we will normally act for the Lender as well and prepare all necessary Security deeds for signature. In a sale transaction, we will attend to the repayment and Discharge of all loans secured against your property.