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Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney
MGH Legal can prepare standard Powers of Attorney for clients working or travelling abroad in order that someone you trust can take care of your legal and financial affairs in your absence.

Standard Powers of Attorney can be drawn up from £100 plus vat and outlays.

Welfare and Continuing Powers of Attorney normally cost around £350 plus vat and outlays.

Care of the Elderly

Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney are most commonly granted by an elderly person in favour of a relative who is given not just authority to deal with that person’s legal and financial affairs, but can also make decisions about their medical treatment and social welfare.

These are becoming more common because of our ageing population and can save a great deal of the difficulty and expense which occurs if an elderly person is no longer capable of managing their own affairs.

At MGH Legal, we are happy to carry out home visits to see clients who might find it inconvenient to call at our office. This can be especially helpful to elderly clients who may be housebound.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this in more detail or any other legal matter.